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Saving IDE project on a network drive

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What the IDE does is if the project is connected to the PowerPMAC it automatically uploads the header files from the PowerPMAC's ftp site. ie. and places them on your local drive. This way as we modify the firmware and change the size of structures your custom C code is compiled with the correct header files. This is why you do not see the header files as part of your project. If you are working offline and compiling without a PowerPMAC the IDE will use a header files on your local drive. To allow for working off line we do have [quote='scott.eichhorn@etrema.com' pid='534' dateline='1279305665'] I created a new project on one of our network drives, to benefit from the daily archiving. When I search the project folder on the network for included header files, such as RtGpShm.h, they are not there. Is this a problem or does the IDE know they are resident on my local drive and access them there? Thanks, Scott [/quote]
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