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Inverse kinematic is not working


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Hi I have a clipper board and I'm trying to get the inverse kinematic to work, but no motion happend, no error messages. The runtime error bit (22) for the C.S 1 is going to 1. I have done a very small test using the X and Y axis: settings: #1->I #2->I I5150=1 enable kinematic for C.S 1 uploaded kinematic program: &1 OPEN INVERSE ; Inverse kinematics for CS 1 CLEAR P1 = Q7 * 1000 ; X axis P2 = Q8 * 1000 ; Y axis CLOSE and the program to run: OPEN PROG 6 CLEAR RAPID X0 Y0 LINEAR X30 Y20 F200 CLOSE Can any one tell me what I am doing wrong ? best regards Jorgen
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Turbo PMAC requires both the inverse-kinematic and forward-kinematic buffers. The forward-kinematic program is executed automatically each time an R (run) or S (step) command is given to the coordinate system. This is done to ensure that the starting tip (axis) position is correct. The forward-kinematic program is also executed automatically each time a PMATCH command is given to the coordinate system. If PMAC cannot execute this buffer a run-time error will occur.
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