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VS2010 .NET 4.0 with PcommServer


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PcommServer works fine with VS2010 and .NET 4.0. However there have been some changes to how .NET 4.o works with PIA (Primary Interop Assembly). -It is now possible to have the PIA embedded which eliminates having to distributre the Interop.PCOMMSERVERLib.dll with your application. But to do this you have to change how your reference the PcommServer object in your application, all the methods in the PSever will work fine BUT the Event handling will NOT work. -I recommend that you do NOT use this new feature in .NET 4. If you do not use this "embeded PIA" the PServer will function with both methods and events as we before. However by default this feature is ENABLED and you will get compiler errors, so you need to turn this off. Right Click on PCOMMSERVERLIB in References and set the Embed Interop to FALSE. -I have attached a sample application written using VS2010 C# that has full documentation and explanation. It demonstrates robust communication with the PMAC, Status checking and EVENT handling all with .NET 4.0 and the existing PCOMMServer. [attachment=1371:name]
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