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Downloading 2D comp table causing PeWin32 to crash


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Hi. I have a 5 axis system (X,Y,Z,B,C) and I am trying to load a 2D compensation table that corrects Z (3) as a function of X (1) and Y (2). The table wraps in both X and Y because the (0,0) position is centered on the Y travel and at 1/4 from the end of travel in X. I believe I understand how to set up the values correctly in the table and have attached the table. The format of the text file is space delimited between entries with carriage returns at the end of rows. When I attempt to download the file I crash PeWin32Pro with a PCommServer.exe error. There are no other defined or allocated buffers that I am aware of when I attempt the download. I'm at a loss at the moment to understand why I would be crashing. I am assigning the table to the highest motor number (5). There has to be something I'm missing. The Error log has the following lines: Device 0->Line: 0,"" Device 0->Error 0x3, Data error or unrecognized command. Is this ERR003? When I restart PeWin32 after the crash the table seems to be in the comp buffer, but I don't have a way to view the data to confirm if the actual values are there or if the data has been corrupted or is incomplete. Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
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The problems with downloading this file are due to the line character count. This file has lines that are longer than 255 characters. PMAC does not accept lines longer than this. PMAC requires a carriage return before the 255th character is parsed. For a large planar compensation table as in this case, 95 rows by 97 columns, each line of row data could easily exceed 255 characters. Use a carriage return character after each data element of the row (or several data elements to reduce the line count of the file). PMAC knows to fill the input stream of data by rows into the table.
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