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PeWinPro2/PcommServer Ethernet Upload Fails ?


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This issue can show itself several ways: -Problems uploading lots of data from PMAC. -Use PeWinPro2 - Try to Upload 1000+ Ivars at one time, the upload runs but there is no data in the opened text window. Try to upload 100 Ivars and it works fine. -Using PcommServer with Upload function, may not get all the data requested from the Upload. -However the upload seems fine if using USB instead of Ethernet connection. One cause of this problem is that some other installed software program on your system has lowered the MTU (Max Transfer Unit) settings of your Ethernet connections. One common offender of this is the Cisco VPN Client software. These changes are left over from Phone Modem connection days gone by and used to improve the communications. This MTU does NOT need to be modified for most communications today and in this case does not allow the PMAC to send larger data sets to the PC. With this MTU lower than default the PMAC can not transfer larger blocks of information such as 8191 Ivars at one time. The variables and data can still be transferred but must be done in smaller blocks. These settings are controlled in your Windows Registry. If the Cisco VPN Client is the cause, it comes with a Set MTU program that is installed along with the Client, simply run this and set the MTU for ALL communication channels to the Default setting that is offers, reboot your PC and PMAC. Other programs such a TweakMaster PRO will help to change the MTU settings of your system. This can be manually done in the registry but here we don't try to show how because systems can vary and if done improperly harm to the system can be done. If you need more help please feel free to contact DT Support and refer to this forum post.
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