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velocity control by Turbo PMAC2 clipper


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I have two questions to ask about Turbo PMAC2 clipper. 1.[b] use DAC+CHA to control Direct Current Brushless Motor(DCBM) in close-loop:[/b] The velocity of DCBM(including drivers) controlled by voltage, and the feedback signal in motor gives 3 lines per revolution. I use M102 to change the DAC voltage, and use M166 to read the real-time motor speed. But the real pulse frequence is between 200Hz to 300Hz, M166 couldn't get the right frequency. What's wrong? 2. [b]pulse+direction to control the stepper motor in open-loop:[/b] I want to change the frequence in real-time mode for the stepper motor. If I input the ideal frequence, such as 200Hz, the output pulse is changed to that value. How can I do that? I'm eager to your reply. Thank you very much.
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