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how to set the pseudo-closed loop


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Kalensino, These settings will use the internal pulse & direction counter for any PMAC2 controller (psudo-closed loop) and it will also output pulse and direction signals on corresponding pins of the controller. [code] // PMAC-II Using Integrated analog of DAC register WY:$720,$50C002,$FFFFFF I100=1 I103=$721 I104=$721 I108=1 I109=1 I125=$52C000 I130=5000 I131=0 I132=0 I133=150 I134=1 WY:$722,$50C00A,$FFFFFF I200=1 I203=$723 I204=$723 I208=1 I209=1 I225=$52C008 I230=5000 I231=0 I232=0 I233=150 I234=1 WY:$724,$50C012,$FFFFFF I300=1 I303=$725 I304=$725 I308=1 I309=1 I325=$52C010 I330=5000 I331=0 I332=0 I333=150 I334=1 WY:$726,$50C01A,$FFFFFF I400=1 I403=$727 I404=$727 I408=1 I409=1 I425=$52C018 I430=5000 I431=0 I432=0 I433=150 I434=1 [/code]
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