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modbus with the Adam 6000 series modules

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This set of directions was done for an Adam 6060 module, but in general the direction is valid for any Adam 6000 series. There were three big issues: 1) Had to upgrade to the latest version of the Advantech Adam/Apax .Net Utility 2) Had to upgrade to the latest 4.15 Adam 6060 firmware 3) They don't use the usual function code 2 to read digital inputs - have to use FC1 instead. http://support.advantech.com/support/DownloadSearchByProduct.aspx?keyword=adam%206060 Gets to the general adam 6060 stuff - use the utility and firmware tabs for downloads. If you have another 6000 series module replace the 6060 at the end of the string with the number of your module. In the Adam utility, add a group (any name you like), then add a device to that group, being care full to choose the modbus tab, then the 6060 module type. Put the correct IP address in. Now you should be able to get to the device in the utility. Click on the device just created, and go to the access control tab. Add the IP addresses of the pmac and your pc to the chart, and click the Apply All button. It will ask for a password, default is 00000000 (eight zeroes) Now from pewin run modbus setup. If the modbus buffer is not already set up, set the UBUF size and click the Setup Modbus Buffer button. Change the active socket to the first unused, and add a modbus client Set the Socket IP address to that of the Adam module. Select your timer (set up timer to get desired interval if not already done) Set the FC to 1, modbus reference to 1, pmac reference to desired bit (I assumed 0), and count to 6 Click update command Click update pmac Change to command number 1 by pressing the + button Select desired timer Set FC to 15, modbus reference to 17, pmac reference to desired bit (I used bit 24 to put the outputs in the second pmac 24 bit register), and count to 6. Click update command Click update pmac Now if the modbus start address is $10700, you should see the inputs in x:$10780, bits 0-5, and the outputs in y:$10780, bits 0-5.
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