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Which servo IC is used with Turbo PMAC2 and ACC 24E2A


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LS, I have a Turbo PMAC2 system with an ACC 24E2A (2 axes expansion board). I have 2 motors connected to this ACC 24E2A. When I want to know the actual motor 2 position, I check M626 which is linked to [b]Servo IC 0[/b] channel 2: see the suggested M-variables: [quote]; Servo IC 0] Registers for PMAC2 Channel 2 (usually for Motor #2) ; Motor #2 Status Bits M262->D:$00010B ; #2 Actual position (1/[Ixx08*32] cts)[/quote] However, when I connect a user-bit to the front-panel flag connectors on the 24E2A (USER2), I need to read M1015, which is the USER2 flag input of [b]servo IC 2[/b], channel 2 (the suggested M-variables list indeed suggests that this is the First Acc-24 channel 2). [quote]; Servo IC 2 Registers for First Acc-24 Channel 2 (usually for Motor #10) M1015->X:$078208,19 ; USER2 flag input status [/quote] Why is the #2 Actual position information available on [b]IC-0[/b], ch2, and the flag information on [b]IC-2[/b], ch2?
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