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Unable to change I3 - I/O Handshake Control


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Hi, I've been experimenting with serial communication between my UMAC controller and Matlab, using the COM1 serial port on my PC and the main serial port on the controller. I3 defines the "I/O Handshake Control" method. I'd like to change it from 2 to 0, to see if not getting the < ACK > value at the end of the the returned strings from the controller makes parsing those strings a little easier. However, when I do the following: [list] [*]change I3 from 2 to 0 from the PEWIN32PRO2 Terminal [*]exit PEWIN32PRO2 [*]start PEWIN32PRO2 [*]check I3 value [/list] it seems as if PEWIN32PRO2 changes this value back to 2. Even when I just restart the terminal and watch window in PEWIN32PRO2 (which I need to do, because the watch-window does not show any results anymore after changing I3 from 2 to 0), the same happens. Do I need to do something special in order to change I3? Thanks, Meindert
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