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compile problems with new IDE

Guest DavisG

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Note - if you are having compile errors with the new IDE with code that compiled successfully under the old IDE it may be due to the change made from C compiler to a C++ compiler. You may have to change casting to fix your code and make it download. And - another result of this change is that 'this' is no longer a valid user variable.
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One more note on this subject. The bgcplc programs are now being compiled with g++ (equivalent of c++) compiler, and then they are being compiled with gcc(equivalent of a C Compiler). g++ is more restrictive and it needs implicit deceleration of the Delta Tau C-API function prototypes before being able to compile. Those prototypes are defined in gplib.h and this is the reason that you need to include gplib.h in your bgcplc and rti programs if using functions from the C-API. You would not need to include rtgpshm.h any more since it is already included in the gplib.h. Our next installation will fix this issue, but if you are going to compile an existing project, then you would need to make this adjustment. Please remember that we are only using G++ because it catches more errors than gcc. This does not mean that the IDE is supporting C++ programing.
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