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Turbo / GPL Bus Voltage


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What units does the GPL return the bus voltage in?

I get readings but not sure what they mean.

Turbo PMAC with GPL102 Amp, looking at motor 3,

M313->Y:$78216,0,12 (lower 12 bits of ADC3B input)

Strobe I7206=$880003 (for bus voltage)


The IGBT Temperature appears to be in 1/100 deg C. Correct?

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OK... So, which parts of this apply?

The strobe words are different and obviously not correct for the GPL012 amp, (correction from GPL102 above).

P. 49 of the GPL manual says to use the lower 12 bits of the ADC3B input (Y:$78216,0,12 ) but incorrectly identifies this as (Y:$78216,8,16,s)

The Geobrick manual says to use (Y:$78216,4,8 ) * 5.875. This gives an answer that is only approximately correct, 5 * 5.875 = 29 for a 24vdc supply, 35*5.875 = 205v for 120vac supply.

205/1.414 = 145vac.

I assume the ACBusVoltage conversion gives me the value I power the drive with, as the DC Bus should be DC.

Still a bit confused by this.


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