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Clipper PWM Output Power Supply +-12 or +-15 V


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The Clipper manual suggests:

DAC Outputs Power Supply

0.3A @ +12 to +15V (4.5W)

0.25A @ -12 to -15V (3.8W)

for the DAC (=PWM) Outputs Power Supply.


My question: Are these +/-12 or +/-15 V used directly for the PWM H-bridge (and thus determine the maximal and minimal output voltage, and ultimately the servo-loop-gain) or does the Clipper have a 10 V regulator on board that limits the actual PWM output voltage to +/- 10 V?


Thank you,


Regards, Meindert

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The output voltages are not proportional to the supply voltages. The op-amps in the output stage take the 5V digital PWM signals, filter them and amplify them with a fixed gain to obtain the +/-10V output. (Our "true DAC" output stages work the same way, amplifying the DAC voltage output with fixed gain regardless of the [legal-range] supply voltage.)


These are not H-bridge topologies like amplifiers. This circuitry is simply a very cost-effective way of getting an analog output voltage proportional to a command number.

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