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PID algorithm


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The PID Algorithm is in the hardware. You can see related topic description and setup in the Turbo software and User manuals.

I realize you are a university student/faculty maybe looking to modify the PID servo routine. You can extend the existing servo algorithm, or implement your own algorithm. See Extended, and User-written Servo Algorithms in the Turbo User Manual.

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I want ask someone who can give me some material about the pmac programming?the pmac user manual is not detail!

for example

OPEN SERVO ; Following lines to be compiled

CLEAR ; Not necessary, but acceptable

COPYREG P30 ; Copy following error into P32

P35=P32*I(ITOF(MTRNUM*100+30))/65536 ; Multiply by gain, scale

RETURN(FTOI(P35)) ; Make an integer and output


on above,there is nowhere in the manual that tell about the "FIOI AND THE ITOF " if i want to konw more about the programming ? where can i reference?





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