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Problem with homing function and kill cmd


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Hi all,

I'm facing some problem in homing operation. We have a 2 axis independent stage.


After homing is done, the counts on Z axis is 0, but X axis retains a few count of around 200. I tried to reset the value using "#1hmz", but it didn't work.



Also many a times I see the kill command "^k" or "Kill all" button in Winpro32 application also don't work. Kindly let me know what i need to do for solving these two issues.

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Hi Raghav,


It seems that the problem is with your tuning. You can get better results by tuning the system better and also adding some Ki (Ix33) to your PID. This will remove your steady state error.


So in short, improve your PID tuning and increase your Ix33.


If you want to remove the following error, issue the following command: #1J^0 this command will set the current actual position as desired position which will cause the following error to be 0, but doesn't improve your positioning which has to be done by tuning your servo loop.



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Hi Sina,

Thanks for your reply. It seems the tuning is better and in steady state condition I could find only 1 or 2 cts oscillation in the input signal from the encoder. The value after homing operation is almost 1000 to 2000 cts. I'm not sure whether the following error would be so much higher. Also hmz command doesn't make the position value to be zero at any particular instance. It displays random cts for continuous hmz command.


Note: I had removed my encoder prior to this and fixed it back. Will it be a reason for the error?



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What is the controller you're using and what version of firmware do you have?


Please post the response to the following commands:






I'm not sure of VER and what CID means.




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