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GeoBrick LV setup problem


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My customer has a problem with the Geobrick LV set-up program, running on Windows7 and PEWINpro version is 4.2.11

When setting up a motor, the first two steps complete ok. Upon the start of the third step, the set-up application crashes with a critical error. We did reduce the notation level to none and have admin rights for the user. Any suggestions?


On my own laptop, the same application does not crash with exact the same parameters and same controller. Same OS and same PEwin version.

There however, I do not see any graphs during step 3 and 4 of the motor set-up.


The pmac plot software does not work well with the windows themes for Windows 7 (black fields when setting custom fields), I had to set personal preferences to Windows Basic to get a proper view.

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