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A solution that would not require USB memory stick or SD card would be preferred. Consider packaging a new release of HMI and Delta Tau code for an end user to download. After the end user installs the new release, the new Delta Tau code is on the hard drive. It would be great for the end user to push a button on the new HMI that would build and download the new Delta Tau code.


This could be a command line option to the Power PMAC Suite, where the Power PMAC Suite loads the new solution, builds and downloads and exits. Or some Telnet command...etc.



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I would like to create a build on a specific build machine and load it into our systems for testing.


I did a different post to include a few other details. Please see this post and let me know if answers your question:




We are using firmware 1.5.x, so I understand from that thread that we should create a folder "PowerPMAC/usrflash" that contains the build.


The step I am missing is: how do I create the contents of usrflash? I can successfully build the project on my build maching using the IDE with "no device". Then what goes into "usrflash"?


In particular, the contents of /opt/ppmac/usrflash contains things that do not appear in my build: directories Database and Temp for one. For another, there is a whole bunch of files in /opt/ppmac/usrflash/Project/Configuration that do not appear on the build machine. And finally, the output files on the build machine all appear in "bin/Debug", but the corresponding directory is empty in /opt/ppmac. Instead, the outputs are scattered into various places under "C Language", namely Libraries, Background Programs, Realtime Routines, CPLCs/user and CPLCs/rti.


To be perfectly clear: we have almost no script files, but we do have C-Language servo routines, RTI, and Background Program.




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