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Problem resetting Copley Amp fault


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I am having a difficult problem because we have a power PMAC system using Macro that does not appear to reset amp faults correctly. I have worked with a support engineer at our distributor and he is saying that the command works well with the *Turbo* PMAC for resetting errors on the copley amps over MACRO.


The setup is a Macro master in the PowerPMAC rack that is hooked up to a Copley Controls Accelnet amplifier and a Sanyo Denki motor. The encoder is a single turn absolute, with a battery backed turns counter. At startup the amp issues a fault for the encoder battery that needs to be cleared when you are using the motor in a non battery application. In other words we are using this motor as a non absolute application and we just want to tell the amplifier that "OK, we know the battery is not there, don't worry about it".


Is there any way to tell if this is a PPMAC problem vs. a Copley problem? Its definitely one of those tricky ones where I am stuck between two vendors!


Any troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated. The command I am issuing is from the terminal and is as such:




I've tried many nodes and none of my slaves appear to be cleared as a result. If I open the copley software I can hit their version of Clear faults button and it is OK. Of course this is not OK for deployment.



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