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How can I setup parameter for stepping Motor on ACC-24E3


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Hi Charles,

thank you for quick reply. I went already through the training slides. I got enough info to finally make my first setup with stepper motor move with a DeltaTau PowerPMAC. That was thank to actual availables docs and also this two posts you did contribute to:



"Power PMAC User's Manual" at page 116 is probably the "Power PMAC Basic Motor Setup" section you was talking about, and pages 131-139 seems to give the most detailed explanations for a stepper motor configuration.

My problem was the one of many "beginners": We follow some instructions in manuals and it does not work because there is a high probability that we did not, or wrongly, program a variable which is decribed at page 874 of manual number 27 ! What I mean is that, for a start, I just prefer a simple recipe, with which a well defined motor setup works at 99% probability. From there then we feel more confident and we may try configurations flavours to better understand the various parameters with a real setup.

Now I wonder if exists a nice block diagram showing the full DSPGate3 ASIC data elements. We find parts of it in Traning slides but not a complete one (I mean the big sheet format I am going to hang on my office wall ;-)). Text descriptions of how data flows through the registers needs a too high 3D imagination skills, right ?


Thanks and best regards


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For your reference, I posted an example setup of Pulse and Direction output for stepper motors a long time ago. Here's the link:





As for a diagram of the DSPGATE3 ASIC, there is one on printed page 15 of the Power PMAC User Manual. Another diagram that may help you, related to stepper motors, is on page 173, although that's for direct microstepping, NOT pulse and direction. Are these the kinds of diagram you seek?

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