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PMAC-NC Pro 2 Rotary Buffer


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I'm setting up my first Turbo Pmac2 pci system (which is also my first system period) with a Pmac-nc Pro 2 software HMI.

I used the NC autopilot to configure the system.

I'm able to manually control the system but cannot get the MDI or Auto to function.

In the Operation Mode Context Display the ROT Buf is always closed, the manual says it should always be open.

From the NC Autopilot I allocated the default of 4000 for my buffer.

In Pewin32-Pro the memory screen says I have allocated 4000 but I 0 available.

Does anyone have any ideas?




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The procedure outlined in the “PMAC-NC PRO2 Software Reference” manual describes the proper procedure to setup the rotary buffer:



This is in the section “How to Use CNC AutoPilot”. Contact our techsupport group if this does not correct your issue: support@deltatau.com



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