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Where do we get PPmacServer and documentation?


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Quick question:


I'm trying to get an HMI program talking to the Power PMAC. I'm assuming that I need an equivalent to PcommServer (I have seen bits and pieces about a Power PMAC server somewhere on the forums).


Where can I get a copy of Power PMAC server (and any documentation that comes with it)?


Is it available on the FTP somewhere?



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Power PMAC Component Library for Power PMAC is the equivalent of PCommServer PRO2 for PMAC.


Power PMAC Component Library:

The Power PMAC .Net Component Library is a collection of .Net Components and functions to be used in creating a .Net based program (HMI) that communicates to Power PMAC. It includes the Power PMAC Server and Power PMAC SSH communication classes, and the intellisense class as well as most of the visual components (i.e. error window, plot window, terminal window, etc) used to create the Power PMAC IDE. Sample projects in C# and VB.Net for Visual Studio 2008 are part of the installation. This option includes x2 developers licenses.


Part Number: 3A0-PPCOMM-35X


This product can be purchased through Delta Tau sales channels.




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The PowerPMACComponent Library consist of Communication library build around SSH protocol. It also includes the example program in C# and VB NET. On installation under VS2008 environment it provides the Visual studio style Help embedded in the VS2008 and can be invoke on F1 from Vs2008 .

At this point the library does not have any component but we will be adding the component like Terminal, Position, Watch etc. I am sure we will provide the updates of the library event after initial purchase.


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