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I happened to notice the on Global Status page (which I do not have visible all the time) I was getting a ConfigLoadErr.


I didn't know when this started or what it meant. The help says this means there is an error loading the user-saved configuration. I don't know exactly what this means.


The procedure for finding the exact cause I used was starting from a blank project, build, download, save, quit IDE, cycle power, start IDE, check ConfigLoadErr. Then add in the files from the 'bad' project one by one until the error occurs.


Doing this I found my pp_startup.txt was the start of the problem. Then the procedure is remove all lines, add each line back in, reboot as above until the error comes back.


Doing this I found "enable plc 1" was causing it so comment out all of PLC1 and uncomment/comment half the code iteratively, reboot as above to identify the offending line.


I eventually found the line


Motor[0].pEncLoss = Gate1[4].Chan[0].EncLossN.a;


which I have enquired about in another post.



I would like to request more help in locating such errors. It took me a number of hours to locate one line. Something in the system knows an error occurs as it sets ConfigLoadErr, it must be possible to provide more information on the source of the error?

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