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Motion Program Fail, Jogging Fail


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Hi,I have a troublesome question about clipper now.

I write a simple trajectory using Motion Program which could periodcally stay at 0 degree and 180 degrees. In my lab which has a ideal envirnoment, we perform the trajectory correctly for five days. Clipper is excellent!

Before we move out,I set warning follow limit to 0 and shielded the soft travle limit in order to test out equipment in a "worse" situation.

When we move out equipment to a truck. Troublesome issue appeared.The moter randomly stopped at an angle,such as 30.5 degrees.And at this time Jog Command is invalid. But using "?" , I get 89200784000, there seemed to be no error occured.

Besides,the velcity was around zero and the following error didn't increase.I think it means the Motion Program has stopped or the following error would increase while moving from 0 to 180. This problem did occur threes times which we had ten tries.

When we bring back to the lab, everything is ok.

Is there any other possible solutions?


Here is my program:

F 4  ;4 degrees per sec
DWELL 20000
DWELL 20000

And I didn't download my PLC program during the test.

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Can you check the motor status(#n?), coordinate status(&n??) and global status(???) when the motor stops?





When motor stopped

? is 890400078000

?? is A80030020000000000

Global Status is unknow because I didn't record it then motor stopped and till now I havn't met the problem again in my lab. >_<

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