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Troublesome issue about PeWin32


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My platform is CLIPPER. I have a strange problem these days. Using PeWin32Pro,I wrote and downloaded a simple Motion Program. No PLC programs is loaded. After 5 hours' test,I used command "A" and command"K" to kill to motor.

And then I used command "j/" to enable the amplifier once more.Just at this time, jog command failed. No matter j+ or j-,the motor refused to move. So I use command "%" to see the override coefficient. It turned out to be ZREO! So I added command "%100". Then I checked it once more. It stayed at ZERO!

I promise I didn't changed the override coefficient during the test. Why PeWin32Pro changed it without any intimation ?

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It could be some stray setting of which you are not aware. Try issuing $$$***, SAVE, $$$, then reloading your setup configuration, then SAVE, $$$, and see if the problem occurs again.


You can check your Isx93 settings -- Isx93 should be set to $2000 for default timebase in coordinates system 1 (see table below) . Isx94 should be 1644 by default but can be set up to 8388608 maximum.



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