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(1) X:$000x9D/1D ; Motor present actual velocity (unfiltered)

(1/[ixx09*32]cts / [ixx60+1] servo cycles)


m166->x:$00009D,0,24,S ; motor actual velocity

they are all point to the actual address?who can tell me the different!thank you?

what is the "1D"?


(2) D:$000x86/06; Motor present desired velocity (X-register units

3/[ixx08*32] cts/msec at %100; Y is fractional)

when i use the m167->D:$000086 to show the desired velocity,why the display speed is vary a lot with the velocity of program(for example F6 in program)?

what it is relationship of D:$000X86/06 and the command velocity? how can i visit the command velocity like visit the actual velocity?



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First let me answer your questions about 1D. This is a notation used in Turbo Software Reference Manual memory map section and you have to decode it using a base offset table above the register in question. For example in your case the table above the memory address we have:





Where table shows the base address for each motor and the entries below show the offset from the base address. As shown in the table the base address for odd numbered motors are in $000x8x format and for even numbered motors are in $000x0x format, so in the offset address for each register the address will end either in 86 or 06 depending on the motor being odd numbered or even numbered. The same is true for the following entry:





Also, on scaling of velocity entries, you have to scale the value stored in register to get the same value as shown in velocity window of the PEWIN.


Here is an scaling example:


velocity in cts/msec = m167 *3 /(I108*32);




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thank you!but I also do not know the format of m166->X:$00009D,0,24,S,if i according to the definition of the above table.it should be the m166->x:$00009D.


Motor present desired velocity (X-register units 3/[ixx08*32] cts/msec at %100; Y is fractional) .what is it the mean of X-register units 3/[ixx08*32] cts/msec at %100; Y is fractional? can you take an example?


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The syntax for defining an M-variable can be found in Turbo Software Reference manual under header: M{constant}->X/Y:{address}


The motor desired velocity needs to more resolution to minimize quantization noise, so we store the fractional portion of velocity value in Y-memory of the address mentioned above. For your use, it is sufficient to use only the X portion of the data as I explained in the previous post.

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