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Old i-variables


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While upgrading our UMAC project to PPMAC I have managed to translate most of the setup i-variables to the new structures.


Some of them can be found by searching the help (e.g. i8 is found in the help under Sys.RtIntPeriod). Some of them can be worked out by seeing where they point in the terminal (e.g. i168-> tells me I168->Motor[1].Servo.Kfff so I can tell what it is called now). Some I think can be ignored (e.g. I48 deals with DPRAM which does not exist).


However I feel like there are some I am guessing. Is there a definitive translation guide (especially the non-motor variables i1-99 which are now part of motor 0 so give no help in the terminal)?


As a quick start could you tell me if these Turbo i-variables are needed and can be set up (I know what they are but don't know how to start looking if they have Power PMAC equivalents. I think i11 looks like the only important one):










Also during the translation I found we were using i14=1 with a comment about matching coordinate system on start. This is what i14 meant in PMAC, not Turbo so I think it slipped through that translation stage. Could there be any effect from this in UMAC or PPMAC?




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These do not have direct equivalents:


i1: Serial Port Mode -- not applicable, no serial port communications

i2: Control Panel Port Activation -- not applicable, no control panel port

i6: Error Reporting Mode -- not applicable, fixed reporting mode

i11: Move Calculation Time -- not applicable, fixed at equivalent of i11=0 on Turbo

i14 (non-Turbo): PMATCH on Start -- not applicable, always done on start in Turbo and Power PMAC

i52: CPU Frequency Control -- not applicable, fixed by hardware

i53: Auxiliary Serial Port Baud Rate Control -- not applicable, no auxiliary serial port

i68: Coordinate System Activation Control -- Sys.MaxCoords provides same concept

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