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Using GeoBrick LV to drive five phase stepper


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Guest majidy

Sina recently worked with a customer and I am copying the procedure you need to do:


Here is how we can run a 5-phase stepper motor with Geo Brick LV:


Setup the amplifier channels 1 and 2 for brushless motors.

Set the phase offset for 360/5=72 degrees: Ix72=410

Setup the microstepping as described in the manual for Geo Brick LV.

Point the Ix83 of motor 2 to the same register as Ix83 of motor 1.

Set Ix75 of motor 1 to 0 and set the Ix75 of motor 2 to 288*Ix71/360 or 52428 for 65536 microstepping described in manual.

Upon initialization, use SETPHASE1,2 command to force the motor 2 to have 288 degrees offset compared with motor 1.

Define both motors as the same axis on PMAC



Is it possible to use a GeoBrick LV to drive a five phase stepper motor?


If so, do you have any details on how to configure the controller for this type of motor?



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