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MACRO motor with wild velocity oscillation

Guest DavisG

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Ran into a new on yesterday. Thanks to Sina for the fix.


4 axis system, 16 axis ACC-5E.


The motors were showing a 2 kHz (exactly) velocity oscillation (16 kHz phase, 8 kHz servo - oscillation slowed at lower frequencies).


Fix: Set Gate2[1].MacroEnable= $1f8000 so that the default value of 0 is not causing it to step on Gate2[0].


What was happening - the default value of Gate2[1].MacroEnable = 0 was being interpreted as pointing to Master 0 - which had no feedback. So Gate2[0] read the feedback, then Gate2[1] wrote a 0.


So the moral is - make sure that ALL of the Gate2[x].MacroEnable settings are valid, even if you are not using any axes on the gate.

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