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Advice on NC-Pro/Advantage 400 CNC software


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Dear All,

We are currently using UMAC with Turbo PMAC2 with ACC-24E2A 4-axis card. We are using our custom GUI/HMI for running the G-codes. Currently we are planning to move to PMAC custom HMI software so that we will be able to utilize all the standard G codes provided by PMAC. The following are the doubts we have in order to move to custom HMI:


1) We find there are few variants of NC programs such as NC-Pro2, Advantage 400 CNC software, Advantage 400 CNC component, NC designer etc. If we don't change our hardware to advantage 400 system from the existing UMAC system, which software do we need to buy in order to have the PMAC custom NC program?


2) If we still continue to use our custom GUI (which we are using for few years now), can we still get the NC library so that we can utilize all the standard G & M codes for Milling and Lathe operations (Eg: G96,97, G40 etc.)


3) If we buy the custom HMI from PMAC, do we need to put in any major effort to customize the HMI based on our needs? (We are currently using it for basic 2 axis machine tool). Also kindly let us know about the licensing part as do we need to buy HMI software/designer license for each machine we use?


Sorry for too many questions in same thread. Hoping to get a positive support from you as always.



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1. There is a version of ADV400 software for UMAC. But I would say you should use NCPro2 as it has more G-codes. ADV400 is a simpler NC and not so flexible.


2. All of our NC libraries are closely linked with their HMI. You could use one of ours as a starting point but to integrate to your HMI will take some programming. Best is to ask for an example how to do a certain G-code.


3. All of the HMI will work for your application. If you need to do customization really depends on what features you want in the HMI and if you like the features we have.

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