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Gate1[x].PartData in C-code


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I have looked at the manual, but it doesn't really answer my question.


In the terminal, I can type Gate1[4].PartData[0] to access this variable. In my C-code, I am currently doing this:


unsigned int *pPartData0 = (unsigned int *)(0xD00040 + piom);


I am asking if I there is a way to do this:


GateArray1 *pGA1 = GetGate1MemPtr(x);
unsigned int *pPartData0 = &pGA1->PartData[0];



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The information you find through Script in Gate1.PartData[k] does not have a comparable structure in C. These elements are hardware registers in the ID chips associated with the DSPGATE1 IC; they are not part of the gate array IC itself.


On power-on/reset, Power PMAC automatically reads these hardware registers and puts processed information from them into software elements. In Script, these are accessed as:







In C, these are accessed through separate software data structures:







If you want to read the actual hardware registers in your application, as to check the encoder-loss status bits, you will need to use the pointer technique you have already figured out.



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