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Coordinate System Run Time error (bit 22)


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I am getting a 'Run Time Error' (bit 22) on one of our coordinate systems. There is only one motor on the coordinate system and it happens randomly about 2 to 5 times a day while our machine is running. What could possibly cause this error?


Coordinate System #2:





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Usually insufficient calculation time can cause this error to trip, such as if you have infinite (or very long while loops) while the CPU is loaded too heavily.


You can also check Coord[x].ErrorStatus, a structure describing the errors in the coordinate system, whose description is given on page 4-38 of the Status Structures manual.


You can also see a graphical depiction of this by clicking (from within the IDE) Delta Tau-->View-->Motor/CS/Global/Macro Status, and then clicking on the Coordinate Status tab:




You can check how severely the CPU is loaded by clicking on (from within the IDE) Tools-->Task Manager and then clicking on the "Tasks" tab. This shows percentages of task categories taking up CPU time:




If the sum of the "% Task Time" column is nearing 100%, you may be in danger of overloading the CPU and you may need to check your code for inefficiencies or other things that might be taking too much computation time.

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It should be pointed out that the underlying problem could reside in Coordinate System 1. Power PMAC checks whether it is time to calculate moves in coordinate systems from lower numbered to higher numbered. If both CS1 and CS2 need moves calculated at the same time, it will do the moves for CS1 first. By the time it gets to CS2, even if only a few calculations are needed, it could be too late.


You may want to try increasing the value of Sys.PreCalc so that calcuations are started earlier in the executing move, increasing the probability that they will finish in time.

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