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why is my motor not moving

Guest DavisG

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Guest DavisG

Thanks to Sina for figuring this out:


Symptom - when any motion command is given to a motor the motion starts but is immediately truncated with no errors. So:




motion resulting is around 100 counts in the positive direction. No FE, move complete. If motion command is in the negative direction, same magnitude of result, but in the negative direction.


Problem: In the watch window of the IDE there were entries related to hardware recently taken from the system. Several were returning nan (not a number) and some were returning error with system counter.


Once these entries were removed the motion problem went away.



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Guest DavisG

4 axis system, 16 axis ACC-5E.


The motors were showing a 2 kHz (exactly) velocity oscillation (16 kHz phase, 8 kHz servo - oscillation slowed at lower frequencies).


Fix: Set Gate2[1].MacroEnable= $1f8000 so that the default value of 0 is not causing it to step on Gate2[0].


What was happening - the default value of Gate2[1].MacroEnable = 0 was being interpreted as pointing to Master 0 - which had no feedback. So Gate2[0] read the feedback, then Gate2[1] wrote a 0.


So the moral is - make sure that ALL of the Gate2[x].MacroEnable settings are valid, even if you are not using any axes on the gate.


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