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stepper position not incrementing


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I cannot seem make the position and velocity output on motor channels 25 and above. The position error is incrementing correctly but the position and velocity address seem to be not be mapped correctly. All of the other motors are working properly. I am using internal stepping from the ACC-24E2A card.


I have a Delta Tau MACRO setup with 2 16-axis MACRO CPU's (2 macrostations) communicating over fiber with a MACRO Ultralite Turbo PMAC2 VME board with 4 servo IC's.


I have followed consistent mapping of the Ixx02, Ixx03, and Ixx04 variables but cannot find what the problem is with the output position. The MS{node},MI910 variable is also correctly set to internal feedback as well.


I am using

I2502=$7B422 (+2 for stepper output)



as described in the software reference manual.


Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?




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What is your Ixx69 set to? Notice that the 3rd register ($7B422+2) is only 16-upper bits of a 24 bit word. The lower values generated by open loop command, may not be passed through the these 16-bits (they might be in the lower 8 bits which doesn't get passed through MACRO).


Another question, Have you checked Ix24, Ix25 and Ix01 settings?


How about Ix70..Ix73 settings?

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Ixx69-Ixx73 are all the default values and the same as every other motor channel so I do not think that is the problem. I believe my Ixx25 setting is correct as well but I do not see any feedback from the flag inputs (limits).


I have I2525=$3470 which is directly from the SRM for the flag register address.


I2501=0 (no commutation) and I2524=$70001 or $40001 (disabled and enabled, respectively)


Does this sound like a MACRO misconfiguration?



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I had mis-typed a few things in my last post.

I was interested in I70-I73 settings on your TP2 VME card. This will make sure the flags are passed through from the MACRO registers to $3440 series image words.

Also, my other question about Ix01, I should have asked for Ix00 setting. Are we activating the motor?


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