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Amplifier fault


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Hi, I am a basic level of trying open-loop commands on motor #1. However I get an amplifier fault (Y$C0 bit 3) on the Motor Status screen a few seconds after I enter any #1oxx command where xx is any valid value >0.

The "Why is my motor not moving?" screen says there is an I2T error, but this doesn't show in the Motor Status screen, only the Amplifier fault error.

I have a factory default system as I have issued the command $$$***.

I have no motor or encoder attached to my GeoBrickLV (yet). I have I124=$20001 to set motor limits off, and I7016=3 to set DAC output.

The value in Motor #1 command output address ($78002) doesn't change value either, it stays at the value shown before the #1oxx command.

Is there something else needing setup?

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I think there is something wrong with your setup of the system. Based upon your description I see a few problems:

1. The output mode for Geo Brick LV should not be set to PWM instead of DAC (I7mn6=0)

2. I2T fault shown in motor status window is a software fault in PMAC and not on the amplifier, meaning the current commanded to the motor is over its continuous value and I2T integrator is passing the value specified in Ixx58. If #1o0 causes an I2T, it means you have a value in Ix77 which is only for induction or stepper motors.


Please use the following Excel spreadsheet to get the basic parameter setup for your configuration on Geo Brick LV :

http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Turbo%20PMAC/Tools/Geo%20Brick%20LV/Geo%20Brick%20LV%20Setup%20Assistant%202.3.xls [FILE REMOVED]



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