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Position window problem in Power PMAC IDE


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Our usage of Power PMAC IDE constantly generates user interface error in the Position Window with the disappearance of the text content and appearance of a big red cross.


What is causing this problem?

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Can somebody upload the screen capture of the problem?

There is one more suggestion, you may want to update the IDE and Firmware to the last release that is Sept 2011.




I am running the Sept 2011 firmware here. The next time I see this I will do a screen cap. FWIW this seems to happen to windows that getting frequent updates (velocity, watches, etc.)


Followup: I have attached a screen cap of the watch window in this failure mode. I've also seen it at least on the velocity too.


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I frequently see this problem as well. Using Windows 7 with the latest (Sept 11) IDE. This happens in the position window, as well as velocity, watch, and sometimes motor status. It is quite annoying, the only way I can fix it is close the window and reopen it.
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