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EtherCAT and external synchronization


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The Delta Tau supports synchronization of the phase interrupt to an external master clock device on the EtherCAT network (ex: Beckoff EL6688).


In our application, we need to trigger the start of multiple motor moves at an absolute time, and then continue to execute a sequence of moves over several hours while remaining in sync. Currently, we use the PPMAC external time base (feed timing card signal to encoder channel) and PPMAC triggered time base features to accomplish this. We loop through the sequence of moves, using linear mode to specify the duration of each move (i.e. x20 tm300) and the delay command for the wait time between each move (i.e. delay 2700).


Can you confirm that using the EtherCAT external sync feature with PPMAC triggered time base should also work in this case? Thus we would not have to use the PPMAC external time base to maintain synchronization.

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I got the answer but just forgot to post it here.


If Power PMAC is the EtherCAT controller and it has been setup to synchronize its phase clock with an external master clock on the EtherCAT network, then all of the following components are synchronized:


1. All the devices on the EtherCAT network

2. All the accessories on the same backplane as the Power PMAC CPU

3. All the MACRO devices which are controlled by the same Power PMAC CPU

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