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higher than programmed feedrate for huge arc


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I came cross a feedrate higher than programmed one when running an arc with huge radius. Then I found the following explaination in PMAC manual:


"If the specified feedrate causes a move time of over 223 msec (about 2 hours 20 minutes) to be calculated, the move will be executed in 223 msec, at a higher speed than what was programmed."


It is really beyond my comprehension. How come feedrate control be affected by block length? What's the theory behind?





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Please see the following paragraph from Turbo PMAC Users Manual:


Maximum Move Time

The maximum time for one programmed move is (2^23)-1 or 8,388,607 msec, approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. This is the maximum value that Turbo PMAC will accept with a TM command. It is also the maximum value Turbo PMAC will compute for a feedrate-specified move when it divides the vector distance for the move by the feedrate. If the vector distance for the move divided by the feedrate yields a time greater than 8,388,607 msec, Turbo PMAC will use 8,388,607 msec as the move time, and the speed will be higher than what was programmed.


Please let me know if it is still unclear.

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