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Limit switch problem


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Steve, I wonder - for what purpose it is done?

What for are defined variables, if they can not be used, and should be defined new. ?

Why in the manual specify the destination Control-Panel Port Input Bits, if they can be used anywhere ?


ps: I like this PMAK. I want to understand it...

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The M-variables used in the NC system are described in the documentation I sent to you. These must be used for proper operation of the NC software. Also the NC PLCs amd motion programs must be used. Also note that DPRAM is used by the NC - so you should not use any of the predefined DPRAM locations as defined in the ADDRESS.H file.


If you use your own control panel you will need to modify the standard control panel PLC ADV600M.PLC to replace our panel hardware with your panel hardware. This PLC also provides the functionality for the control panel, i.e., Cycle Start, maual jogs and such.

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Hello Steve!

Thanks for your help!

I got it to work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=KCU3Lewb6-Y


Steve, can you explain to me. System uses multiple PLC files. For example ControlPanel.PLC, Home.PLC, Spindle.PLC etc.

I want to add the PLC file. (ESTOP.PLC).


is there a difference if I am:

1. will create a new PLC file and attach it like any other PLC file.

2. installed "estop"-script in Controlpanel.PLC file.

whether the differences in the work and what they will be shown?



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I agree. use ready-made solution is always easier.

I could not do it. The original file "ControlPanel.PLC" written for use with an external operator panel.

I now realize I made a mistake at the beginning. I was counting the functions Control-Panel Port predetermined. and will function properly in any environment. this was not true :)

Now I would do another panel operator. but I am unable to change it. so I have to use something that is already done. this would have to change the original file "ControlPanel.PLC".

if there are other ways to get to work my plate - let me know, I'll try it.


Now I'm trying to organize a search for "Home" in two stages. (to limit movement and return to the index mark). The original "Home.PLC" does not made it. :(



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please tell me. I ran into a problem. was made by the board reset. re-configure all the parameters. re-configured to the National Assembly. everything works. but if you move to G01 drive "is not hard." you move through the G00 everything works well. and when the code G01 axis very smoothly accelerated and slowed down just as smoothly. there is a big mismatch error. tell me - where can I find Poble? that I have missed? Regards !
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