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fundamental programming question


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I know this is novice question, but I'm modifying someone elses code on a Power Pmac and I'm seeing conficts in how the = sign is used in a .PMC file. If it's a comparison like:

if (Varname == 1) {

Then it's the '=='. But what if it's and assignment like:

varname = 1;


varname == 1;


Which is correct? I see it done both ways in the file.


Thanks for the help.

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Please check the "Standard Assignment Operators" and "Synchronous Variable Assignments" sections in the following training document: http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power%20PMAC/Training%20Slides/Power%20PMAC%20Math%20Features%202011-11.ppt [FILE REMOVED]


All training material for Power PMAC is available through http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/ [FILE REMOVED]

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