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Step and direction motor crashes IDE


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I'm having a couple of issues at the moment trying to setup a step and direction motor in the IDE. The amplifier has the step and Direction command clicked. There are, however, no options available under the Hardware Interface section (I have two Acc24E3 and I'm trying to use the sinusoidal encoder to output the signals) . If I manually set the pointer:


Motor[1].pDac to Gate[1].Chan[3].Pfm.a


the system setup crashes the whole IDE when the hardware interface section is clicked.

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I'm using version of the PMAC IDE and Firmware


I can address each of the cards without a problem from the command line but I'll recheck the base addresses




Are you sure that your ACC-24E3s (and all other cards in the rack, for that matter) have distinct base addresses? That is, their addressing SW settings are set distinctly? Check your cards' manuals for instructions on setting the addresses.


Also, what version of the IDE and the firmware are you using?

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