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Counts per commutation cycle


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Based on the example for Ixx71 below I calculate my counts to be

30.48 mm/cycle*line/.0001379*128 counts/line=28291806 which is more then 11,000,000 then the maximum allowed per variable range limits.


My hardware is Turbo PMAC2 Clipper, ACC-51S interpolator, scale with a .1379 micrometer period and my motor has a 30.48 pole pitch.


What are my options?


Ixx71 Motor xx Counts per N Commutation Cycles

Range: 0 – 16,777,215

Units: counts

Default: 1000


2. A linear motor has a 60.96-mm (2.4-inch) electrical cycle. An encoder with a 40 micron pitch is

wired directly into PMAC and “times-4” decode is used. Ixx70 can be set to 1 and Ixx71 can be

calculated as:

Ixx71=60.96mm/cycle*line/.04mm*4 counts/line=6096 counts/cycle

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I might be wrong (I have had my head up my a** all day), but I think your encoder is 128 nanometer line pitch, and with x4 decode your hardware pitch is 32 nanometers. So for a 60.96mm motor pitch, you have 60960000 nm / 32 nm = 1,905,000 hardware counts per cycle. As your example that you posted says, the commutation routine ignores the intepolated counts and only uses the "hardware" counts
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