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Make PowerPMAC an Ethernet/IP device


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Attached is a zip file with a PowerPMAC solution showing you how to turn your PowerPMAC controller into an Ethernet/IP slave device. Inside the zip file is a compliled working solution, as well as an EDS file for the project, a sample RSLogix 5000 project showing the device created by the solution, and a brief ReadMe text file explaining how to use it all.


I have implemented this on a couple of our machines with great success. The device works great with a RPI of 10ms. I hope others find it as useful as we have.


NOTE: I only saw one issue with the watchdog tripping if the RTI on your PowerPMAC exceeds 80%, causing the EthernetIP stack to stop responding in the alloted timeframe. If you're RTI is running that high though, you've got plenty of other issues going on.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that you change the arguments at the top of "main.c" to reflect the ethernet port you are using. The MAC Address and port configuration must match. If they don't, it may give you trouble with the ethernet ports. Running ifconfig when connected to the PowerPMAC via serial will give you the MAC address for each active port.


Best Regards,


Jay Hendges

Gentex Corporation


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FYI, if you aare running Windows 7, but running the IDE through XP mode, and the project files are not in the virtual XP drive, it doesn't seem to want to compile. If you move the project to the virtual drive it compiles normally.


It's a glitch we ran into since we have a couple different firmware revisions running right now, so a couple of us are running version 1.5 in XP mode.




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The PmacEthernetIP project includes a READ_ME file which includes a broken link to the EZ_EDS executable. This application is used to make modifications to the sample *eds file included in the project.


You need to fill out the registration form prior to downloading. The application is free.


The correct link to the EZ_EDS registration form is:


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