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Single command to undefine motor


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Is there a one line command that can be used to undefine a motor from whatever coordinate system it is currently in? I'm trying to avoid the two step process of querying Motor[x].Coord and then using the result in an undefine command.


For example, for motor 1 I tried: &*#1undefine but this does not work

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You can issue the following command:




This will undefine coordinate system definition for motor n in the coordinate system it is in, but the motor is still a part of the latest coordinate system it was defined in, which means it can be affected by global functions in that coordinate system such as feedrate over-ride and coordinate system kill/abort commands.

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That command requires the current coordinate system (&) to be that of the motor (x) you want to undefine. Thus, I would first have to query Motor[n].Coord, then issue: &n#x->0 My goal is to NOT have to query to figure out what c.s. the motor is in. Is that possible?

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