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EhterCAT Application Time


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In System Setup if you click on the EhterCAT master, the right pane shows status information including the "Applicationtime" and just below that the conversion of that number into a time format string. My understanding is that Applicationtime should be nanoseconds since 2000-01-01 00:00:00.000000000. Is this the case?


Here is an example:





I can watch the status updates and see that indeed the number increments by 1e9 each second. However the number of seconds total seems way to large. Can you advise?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Would you please provide some documentation on PPMAC implementation of EtherCAT Application Time. We need this for one of our applications.


1) What is the format of this time (i.e. nanoseconds since epoch?)


2) When transitioning into OP mode, what time is used to initialize Application Time? It does not appear to be the same as the linux system time.


3) How can one access Application Time from a PLC or Motion Program?

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