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Hi people


I'm really new working with this Devices, so i have a lot of questions but right now i'd like your help to communicate my PC with PMAC VME.

I have the PWIN32, let me explain you what i did...firstly opened the MotionExe and appears a pop-up,push ADD button and select Device Number. Then push setup button and select Serial Port (using COM1, 9600, NONE) and push OK button, in that moment appears another pop-up what it says ""Unable to establish serial communications"" i used all baudrates and didn't work.

I forgot to make any other configuration??


help me

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Verify the PMAC-VME BAUD rate jumpers are correctly set. There is a table of settings in the manual for this card. these are jumpers E44-E47.



Thanks Steve, i got serial comm and like you say, the baudrate was the problem.



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