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NC Error System: 3007 PMAC Runtime Error

tahoe brian

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On one of our older machines running NC 2.36(1) we received the following error message, which is an Inhibit message:


system: 3007 Pmac run-time error


System was in Auto mode running a program that has run many times before. Servo control was just fine, there were no other glitches.


When system was switched from Auto to Manual mode, error was reset and no flags were tripped as viewed by PEWIN32, so no debugging could really be done.


What are potential causes of this error?

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A PMAC runtime error is usually caused by insufficient calculation time for the motion program. High block rates or many sophisticated calculations in the motion program can cause this. Running at lower feedrates (or lower feedrate overrides) can alleiviate this.


If this is a turbo PMAC you can read the value in the “C.S. run-time error code” register at Y:$002014

= 0: No run-time error

= 1: Insufficient calculation time

= 2: Program counter out of range (too low)

= 3: Program counter out of range (too high)

= 4: Unlinked conditional statement

= 5: Subroutine stack overflow

= 6: Jump to non-existent label

= 7: Cutter compensation interference error

= 8: Forward kinematic execution error

= 9: Inverse kinematic execution error

= 10: No axes remaining in C.S.

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Thanks Steve for the reply. This is a non-turbo PMAC, the machine has been running flawlessly for ten years, without ever having this error. It had already executed this program about 30 times and it stopped several hundred lines into the program. The servos and PLC's were all working fine as evidenced by proper operation of the control panel and spindle PLC. The program is a parametric program that uses a DO loop, but nothing terribly unusual about it. After restart it hasn't come back. We will just take a closer look if it comes back.
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