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Why not list PcommServer Manual on the website


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Dear sir,

I am just wondering that since the Pewin32 Pro suit does not supply with "Pcomm32.dll" anymore, but "PcommServer.exe". Why does our website only have manuals about "Pcomm32 Pro", but do not have manuals about PcommServer.

Thank you !

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Pewin32PRO was written based upon Pcomm32.dll which was distributed as a part of the PMAC Executive PRO package.

The PMAC Executive PRO2 suite (which was released in 2005) uses a server communication method using PCommServer.exe . Although this executable is distributed with the PMAC Executive PRO2, it is not meant for redistribution by the users.


If you're planning to use the PCommServer PRO2 server software for developing your own HMI, please order this package through your Delta Tau distributor. The following is the part number and description for this package:


Accessory #: ACC-9PNPRO2

Description: PMAC Communications Library (Pcomm Server Pro2) COM Interface for use with Microsoft operating systems Windows 2000 and XP. This item is sold as license for single developer seat.

Part Number: 3A0-9PPRO2-35x

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Is it Sina ? I am your fans. It is great to get answers from you. :)

So you say "The PMAC Executive PRO2 suite uses a server communication method using PCommServer.exe", It means that this "PCommServer.exe" is a full functioned driver that works as well the one from the purchased package?

I just want to use this file for test, If it works well, I will order one license, is it applicatable?

Thank you!

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You got the idea. The PCommServer.exe included in the PEWIN32PRO2 is a fully functional server program, however it is being distributed under PMAC Executive PRO2 Suite package license and should not be redistributed in any other way.


The PCommServer PRO2 communication library, includes the same PCommServer.exe in addition to the manual and example projects for different programming languages which is distributed under a license which allows you the redistribution of PCommServer.exe with your own HMI.


If you're only interested in testing the PCommServer PRO2, I would suggest contacting Delta Tau China. I'm sure they would be able to provide help during your test period until your purchase decision.

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