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Geo Macro problem with I/O


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Hi All


I am having problem with one Geo Macro GM15-2 that we bought a couple of years ago.


I am using one of the GeoMacro that was intended to be a spare: this GM has been successfully used only for few hours in June 2011, than has been put aside.


I resuscitated this driver in order to test the spare actuator unit, and now I have some issue regarding the PLIM and MLIM input of GM channel #1.


It seems that the MLIM1 is insensible to any signal connected to it: the same signal that engage or disengage the PLIM1, MLIM2 and PLIM2, is not doing anything on MLIM1.


Do you have any idea on how to operate or better understand what is happening on this connector?




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Try a non solid state device (real switch) to test. This could indicate a borderline conductivity or current draw issue on this channel.


I just tried shorting all the input ports to VCC or GND: it works on PLIM1, MLIM2 and PLIM2, but not on the MLIM1.

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