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Why does IDE continue to use old IP values?


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Sure looks like a gaffe to me: after just having set a new IP address, why does it insist on attempting to communicate with the PMAC using the OLD one? Isn't this why everyone is changing it in the first place?


Also along the same lines, I allege that the whole notion of being required to "Test" the connect before setting it permanently is just not realistic; at the very least it needs an override. In this case we are quite certain what the IP address is (we're pinging it and telnet-ing into it just fine) - - but once again, the stupid thing insists on doing the test with the OLD IP address. Why is there not any means to just accept what I tell it and go with it?


I can't even toggle the switch to "select device at startup" switch without it insisting on checking the com-link again.


There's just way too much playing-God here, and not enough simple old-fashion DO-WHAT-I-TELL-YOU. Once again I have a perfectly-function PPMAC that I just can't communicate w/ using the IDE. The customer support meter will run once again. (*sigh*)

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I agree that the IDE IP address setup could be better (At least on the IDE versions I've used, I am not running the latest). I prefer to do all of my IP address work on the command line over the serial port terminal (it always works).


To do this you will need a decent editor. The PPMAC comes with VI which alienates most non unix people fairly heavily. I have installed emacs since I know all the basic commands and it is a more natural editor for me.


Henry Bausley had a writeup on which file to edit and some example settings:




You should be able to edit this file with telnet, SSH, or using the front panel serial port (my favorite as it always works).


For me I set up one PPMAC and set the networking for DHCP (also installing all the programs I require, etc). Then I just copy this image to new PPMAC machines and ask our IT guy to put the MAC address of the new PPMAC into the reserved IP list on the DHCP server. It saves a ton of headaches. Will this scheme work for you, or do you require a true static IP?



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