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I'v got a problem on using ACC-11E, when the address was configured to Y:$78f00,0,8 , and i19 to the default value, the bit-5 is always ‘1’, but if I set I19 to 7307, ACC-11E works well .


Here is the configuration:

M3390->Y:$78F00,0,8,U // I/O Card 10 I/O00-07 as byte

If no inputs, the M3390 is 0001,0000


Is there any other settings should be done ?



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Hi Jarry,


I cannot get an explanation as to why changing I19 would make a difference. Maybe that is a coincidence. Changing addressing, on the other hand, is something that could make a difference. What other I/O cards are in the rack? For type A I/O cards, I recommend using the first chip select (jumper E1 on) for the first three type A I/O cards 1, 2 ,and 3 by using low, middle, and high byte addressing, respectively. Then, move up to the next chip selects as needed. Whatever cards you have (type A or B), I recommend building evenly by using all the addresses of chip select 1 before using chip select 2, etc. Also, make sure that there are no address conflicts (see under Hardware Address Limitations in the manual).


Is the card found with the UMAC Configurator with and/or without chaning I19?

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